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Currently only delivering within the Seattle city limits.

Local Seattle


Don't see what you're looking for?  Check back between 1 and 3pm on Sundays for last minute additions from the Ballard Market.

Local Seattle


Don't see what you're looking for?  Check back between 5 and 7pm on Wednesdays for last minute additions from the Wallingford Market.

This weeks featured farm

Collins Family ORchards

Collins Family Orchards is a fourth generation family farm located in Selah, WA. They are laser focused on the fruit. They offer a wide range of delicious varieties, and make sure they do things right — from planting to pruning to harvesting — to bring you the best fruit possible. They prune their trees and thin the fruit set extensively; their goal is quality, not quantity.

They are continuously in search of  perfect fruit, and they test many new varieties each year by grafting and planting new fruits in an experimental block in their orchard. To earn their keep, new fruit must grow well in their climate and taste great!

Collins Family believes in healthy and sustainable growing practices for which they use organic fertilizers, seaweed, and fish oils. For pest control they use organic insecticide - "Entrust". This keeps their fruit, farm land, and their employees healthy and happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference in condition of the produce? 

We currently have two types of produce we sell.

1.  Fancy produce: This is the beautiful flawless produce you are used to seeing at the market

2. Deliciously flawed produce (2nds):
This is produce that can be  slightly over ripe or have small bruises or minor imperfections. It is often best consumed in 1-2 days.

Where do you deliver?

For our 2018 season trial season. We are only deliver within Seattle city limits. We are constantly improving our delivery process and making changes as we progress.

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